Useful Paris Travel Tips

Useful Paris Travel Tips

Useful Mobile Applications
We have collected some mobile applications that may help you when you visit Paris.
Take a look at our Mobile Applications guide for more info.
Use the Metro
Paris Metro is one of the largest and most efficient in the world.
It's also the fastest, most effective and cheapest way to explore the city.
Taxis, on the other hand, are hard to come by and are quite expensive.
Take a look at our Metro guide for more info.
The Best Time to Visit Paris Museums
Many museums have late opening once or twice a week.
Getting there in the afternoon will make your visit more pleasant and significantly less crowded.
Note: In most museums in Paris admission is free at least once a month, usually at the first Sunday of the month. On the other hand you are not the only one who knows hat, so be sure it will be crowded and the lines will be long that day. Read More
Paris Museum Pass
Paris abounds lot of wonderful museums, some are among the most respected in the world.
If you plan on visiting several of them, consider buying the Paris Museum Pass.
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Tips for finding a good restaurant in Paris
Though Paris is the world's gastronomy capital, ironically, it's not obvious to find good, inexpensive restaurant in the city.
Here are some helping tips.
Half-price tickets to shows in Paris
Theater kiosks sell tickets at 50% off on the day of a show.
For details and other ways to get discount tickets for shows... Read more.
Tipping in Paris
Unlike many other countries where tips are expected unless the service was exceptionally bad, in Paris (and entire France), service is always included in the price. Read More
French awareness to accessibility is one of the highest in the world and it's protected by powerful laws.
Consequently, many of the touristic attractions are partly or fully accessible.
However some of these attractions are in buildings that were built centuries ago so it is not always possible.
Most attractions' websites detail their accessibility information.
Plenty attractions offer free admission or reduced rates for people with disabilities and lines may also be avoided.
To make sure you will receive your rights, it is advised to bring proper documents.
Emergency Phone Numbers in Paris
Hope you won't need it, but just in case.
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