Mobile Applications For Your Visit in Paris

Most useful mobile applications for your visit to Paris

Here are some useful mobile applications we have collected to assist you while visiting Paris. Some applications are specific to Paris and some are general, but we think that all of them may be useful. So consider downloading them.
Next Stop Paris
This is the official application of RATP.
Available in 10 languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian. It will help you to explore Paris easily using public transportation.
Paris Aéroport
This is the official application of the Paris Airport company.
The application includes important real-time information as airports access, flight arrivals and departures, terminals maps, parking payment and more in 12 languages.
Learn French
The application contains hundreds of commonly-used French phrases and vocabularies for travelers. The application is free of charge.
Centre Pompidou
The official Centre Pompidou provides you with all the information you need about the center, the art works and planning your visit.
My Visit to the Louvre
The official Louvre Museum's mobile application.
Musée National Picasso
Available in English, Spanish and French, the official Picasso museum application will enrich your knowledge about the museum, Picasso's art and life and provide all necessary information for your visit.
Google Maps
Google Maps is the most popular maps application though it may be a bit complicate at times. Please note that you can and should download the map of Paris so you can use it offline.
Waze is a traffic and navigation app. Very useful if you want to drive out of town. To navigate in the city by foot, you better use Google Maps.
XE Currency
Need to convert your currency into Euro? XE will calculate it for you.
With more than 180 up-to-date currency rates you will always know how much you pay.
Google Translate
With support to 103 languages you may translate almost from any language to any language. The application is free.
TheFork - Restaurants booking
With incredible large number of restaurants to book table in and millions of customer reviews, TheFork will assist you to find the right place, at the right time and price.
With over 100 million reviews on businesses worldwide, Yelp is one of the most popular applications to help you find a place to eat, drink or shop nearby your current place.
Toilet/Place Finder
Find clean toilets using a toilet map. The application provides information about other places such as gas stations, ATMs, shopping malls and more.
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